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The O.V.M.- 1 Aluminum Wedge with Gas Key Shutoff and Pick Hole

The O.V.M.- 1 Aluminum Wedge with Gas Key Shutoff and Pick Hole

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Introducing the O.V.M.—a standard Truckman with a gas key machined into the wedge. Designed for the outside vent man on the Ladder Co., it's carried on your tool with a bungee ball cord. Perfect for securing utilities and gas to the structure, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Forcible Entry Wedges made by Firefighters for Firefighters.

The O.V.M. - 1 Aluminum Wedge with Gas Key Shutoff  and Pick Hole.

Made from T6061 Aluminum Stock.

Finished O.V.M. Wedge will include a black 6” bungee ball cord to marry your wedge to your tool of choice & your choice of smooth or machined grooves to help grip and capture your progress. 

Attach to your Tool, Fan or Door Hinges or use these to Gap doors on inward or outward swinging doors, windows and more.

 Measurements: Approximately 4.75” long X 1.5” X 1.5”(dimensions as listed may vary by +/- 0.12”)

 Each piece is hand cut & machined to ensure it is smooth, level & free of defects, then drilled & hand stamped (*if personalized option is selected).

 Great for tool bags, officer high-rise bags and your pocket.

 Your name or badge number Hand stamped into the material if personalized option is selected. 15 Character Limit.

** Hand stamped means at times you can expect some variation in spacing, depth &/or alignment.

No returns or refunds, please reach out with any issues and we will take care of you.


**If personalization is selected & info is not provided, we will attempt to contact you via the phone & email provided with your order. If there is no response after 24 hours your item(s) will be shipped without personalization.

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Disclaimer: Firefighting and Emergency Service work entail inherent risks. Wedgin' Tool and its owners disclaim all responsibility for accidents, injuries, illnesses, or fatalities resulting from the use of our products. We strongly advise adhering to all NFPA standards and guidelines during operations. Safety is paramount—exercise caution and prioritize your well-being. Thank you for your support as we strive to enhance safety in challenging environments.