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Fire Helmet Wall Mount Display

Fire Helmet Wall Mount Display

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A better way to display your old lids. This mount allows you to display any helmet from a salad bowl to an N6A Sam Houston/New Yorker on your wall. Instead of the standard hanging by the bullring you can have it floating off the wall - either sideways or pointing right out, this mount allows any orientation.  There is also a hook on the underside of the mount which allows you to hang a second lid vertically, your jacket, a mask, anything you want. (*Also works with almost any other helmet, cosplay, motorcycle, etc.)

Product is Finished Black - Will be a quality 3D print - all black and ready to go with hardware. The black is matte and blends nicely into the shadows under your lid One side will have a slight texture to it and the other will be smooth.

We've collaborated with Leatherhead Laser Works to offer this Helmet Wall Mount Display.

SAFETY INFO - To date with several hundred of these mounts in use & I have not had any of these mounts fail. They are all going strong without issues. That being said, for legal and liability reasons the following guidelines must be adhered to:

**Maximum Weight for these mounts is 15lbs.**

For Reference; The N6A (Sam Houston) Leather Helmet from Cairns with Bourkes weighs 5lbs, Glove G-Extreme Turnout Coat (Size 48x35) wights ~7lbs 9oz, Streamlight Survivor Light (LED with Battery) weighs 1lb 2oz. All together this is only 13lbs 11oz.

Keep the mounts out of direct sunlight (if what is hanging on the mounts protects the mount from sunlight then you are fine)

*DO NOT place this mount over where people will be sitting or standing in case it fails.

*DO NOT hang items of value that could be damaged if they fall were the mount to fail.

*DO NOT place this mount over items that could be broken or damaged if the mount fails.

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Disclaimer: Firefighting and Emergency Service work entail inherent risks. Wedgin' Tool and its owners disclaim all responsibility for accidents, injuries, illnesses, or fatalities resulting from the use of our products. We strongly advise adhering to all NFPA standards and guidelines during operations. Safety is paramount—exercise caution and prioritize your well-being. Thank you for your support as we strive to enhance safety in challenging environments.